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Press Releases

Outside Support for Continuation of the Hoosier State Line Comes from West Virginia Passenger Rail Advocacy Group (January 9, 2015)

IPRA Encourages INDOT to Continue the Hoosier State Rail Line (January 7, 2015)

INHSRA Article Archives

Indiana Citizens Must Help Keep the Hoosier State Passenger Train Operating, a September 2013 article by INHSRA member Joe Krause.

"Passenger Rail--From Good to Great", a PowerPoint presentation given at the August 21, 2013 Amtrak Summit by Arvid Olson of the Greater Lafayette Commerce Quality of Life Council.

"Infrastructure Is Good", an article written by INHSRA's Thom Davis, posted in May 2013.

"Convinced by the Numbers: Why Warsaw, Indiana Is on Board for Passenger Rail in their Community"<, an article written by Warsaw Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mark Dobson, posted in April 2013.

"Two Studies Provide Encouraging View of Passenger Rail", an article written by INHSRA member Chuck Switzer, posted in March 2013.

"Northeast Indiana Passenger Rail Association Study Almost Complete", an article written by INHSRA and NIPRA member Fred Lanahan, posted in February 2013.

"Fate of Indiana Amtrak Route Hangs in the Balance", an article by INHSRA member Joe Krause, posted in December 2012.

"Another View: Monorail as an Alternative Form of Transit", an article by INHSRA member Bob Garity, posted in October 2012.

"Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission Experiences High Speed Passenger Rail Locally", an article written by INHSRA member Liz Solberg, posted in July 2012.

"Northeast Indiana Passenger Rail Association Continues to Advocate High Speed Rail for Fort Wayne", an article by Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance member Geoff Paddock, posted in June 2012.

United Kingdom Approves High Speed Rail provides a summary of the January 2012 developments in the United Kingdom and links for more information.

A Strategy to Reduce Demand for Capital Outlays, an article by Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance member George Vande Werken, posted in December 2011.

A Strategy to Leverage Capital Outlays and Increase Returns, an article by Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance member George Vande Werken, posted in December 2011.

News and Information

On April 11, 2017, West Virginia's Governor, Jim Justice, signed into law legislation which specifically named interstate rail as a priority. View a PDF file of the full press release.

NARP Letters to Surface Transportation Board: The first letter (PDF), written on February 8, 2016, pertains to the continuing problem of on-time performance. It includes four recommendations to regulators. The second letter (PDF), dated February 22, 2016, addresses a Surface Transportation Board policy statement, which is covered in the March issue of All Aboard Indiana.

"Deal Preserves Indy-to-Chicago Passenger Rail," an August 2, 2015 story from the IndyStar.

"Hoosier State train forging ahead", a May 1, 2015 story on Hoosier State funding by the Lafayette Journal & Courier.

"Hoosier State Rail Service OK through January", an August 20, 2014 story on jconline.com.

"Four Private Companies Bid on 'Hoosier State' Route", a May 5, 2014 article from the Indianapolis Business Journal.

INDOT's May 5, 2014 press release regarding the proposals received for the Hoosier State Amtrak route.

"Porter County Asked To Contribute to High-Speed Rail Project", an April 15, 2014 story on nwi.com.

>"Group Touts High-Speed Rail Line Through Valpo", a January 19, 2014 article on nwi.com.

"A Private Railroad Is Born", a January 14, 2014 Wall Street Journal article critical of government-funded high speed rail touts a private alternative.

"Not All Tippecanoe County Commissioners Aboard Amtrak Funding Deal", a December 30, 2013 jconline.com article.

"State to Seek Competitive Proposals on Improving Hoosier State Rail Service", a December 20, 2013 jconline.com article.

"Details Emerge on Indiana Rail Contract with Amtrak", a November 8, 2013 jconline article.

"High-Speed Rail Fans Finally Get a Little Real" describes a Midwest High-Speed Rail Association plan termed "CrossRail Chicago" (October 30, 2013 Crain's Chicago Business article).

"High-speed can succeed: Study says bullet trains in Illinois costly but feasible", an October 2, 2013 article hosted by Crain's Chicago Business.

Purdue Student Government Expresses Support for High Speed Rail in this September 18, 2013 document.

Weighing the Fate of Amtrak's Hoosier State, a September 9, 2013 article written by Rebecca Townsend and hosted on nuvo.net.

"Hoosier State Beneficial to Purdue, Indiana", a September 9, 2013 article hosted on the Purdue Exponent website.

"Can Passenger Rail Operations Become Profitable and Lure Private Interest?" a PDF format article from the Summer/Fall 2013 issue of Community Transportation's online magazine.

Indiana Can't Afford to Let Amtrak Derail, the PDF of an July 27, 2013 Indianapolis Courier-Star op-ed piece by State Representative Christina Hale.

"New Amtrak Locomotives Mark Changing Times for American Passenger Rail", a May 13, 2013 AP article hosted by The Boston Globe.

"Improved Transit, for Today and for Tomorrow", an April 2013 article hosted on the Inside Indiana Business website, highlights the need for increased funding for the expansion of transit in the Indianapolis area.

"American Society of Civil Engineers Grades Nation's Infrastructure", a March 20, 2013 article hosted by Progressive Railroading.

"Midwest Manufacturers Stand to Benefit from Development of High Speed Passenger Rail," a February 9, 2013 AP article hosted by Businessweek. For the related Environmental Law and Policy Center Report, click here.

"Union Station at Capacity while Amtrak Ridership up in Illinois," a December 6, 2012 article posted on the website of the Metropolitan Planning Council.

"Quality of Life Council to Address Amtrak Situation" an article from the Purdue Exponent regarding the potential loss of Amtrak service to Lafayette, posted October 25, 2012.

"A New Look at 21st Century Transportation" written by INHSRA's Dennis Hodges and posted on Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick, October 2012.

"Key NWI Rail Project Back in the Fast Lane"an article posted by The Times on their website, nwi.com on September 12, 2012.

"Speeding Up in the Midwest", an article in The Wall Street Journal originally posted on July 24, 2012.

"Feds Open Bidding for High-Speed Rail Cars" Original article posted April 22, 2012 in the Chicago Tribune.

"Indiana High Speed Rail, IU Northwest Students Form Winning Partnership" Article hosted on the Indiana University website, April 2012.

"High Speed Rail Can Accelerate Indiana's Economy: Guest commentary by INHSRA's Dennis Hodges, published in the Northwest Indiana Times on March 4, 2012.

"County Pledges $20,000 Toward Rail Study" From Ft. Wayne's News-Sentinel, this February 24, 2012 article reports Allen County's support for a Northeast Indiana Passenger Rail Association Study.

"The Case for Not-Quite-So-High-Speed Rail" by Phillip Longman; Original article published in July/August 2011 Washington Monthly; link hosted by Rail Solution

"Selling the Transit Lifestyle: Transit Oriented Development in the Next Normal" by Eric Rothman, HR&A Advisors, Inc., presented at Rail~Volution 2010

"Transit Oriented Development: Three Case Studies", a presentation by Michael Dieden, Creative Housing Associates, at Rail~Volution 2009

"The Myth of Passenger Train Profitability", a speech by Amtrak Reform Council member James Coston in Philadelphia December 1, 2001

Union Station (Chicago) Master Plan Website: This site provides information about the ongoing development of Chicago's Union Station as the city and the railroad companies respond to increased ridership and the potential for future growth and change in the passenger rail industry.

Studies and Reports

"Indiana High Speed Rail: LINK to the Future", an article by IUN business professor Rajan Selladurai in Volume 5, 2013 of The South Shore Journal.

"Passenger Rail Corridor Study Released", a June 2013 press release from the Northeast Indiana Passenger Rail Association, including a link to a PDF of the Executive Summary.

Environmental Law and Policy Center Supply Chain Report, published February 2013

Indiana Rail Plan 2011

Midwest High Speed Rail 2011 Economic Study

Economic Impacts of Midwest High Speed Rail on the Orthopedics Industry of Warsaw, Indiana, a PDF document prepared by Parsons Brinckerhoff and published October 2010; revised January 2011.

MWRRI Report prepared by Transportation Economics and Management Systems, Inc. (TEMS Report)

National Rail Plan Progress Report

Like-Minded Organizations

All Aboard Ohio


Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency Program (CREATE)

Environmental Law and Policy Center

Hoosier Environmental Council

Hoosiers for Passenger Rail (Facebook group)

Indiana Association of Railroad Passengers (Archives)

Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers

Michigan By Rail

Midwest High Speed Rail Association

National Association of Railroad Passengers

Northeast Indiana Passenger Rail Association

Wisconsin Association of Railroad Passengers

TrainWeb Links to National and State Rail Passenger Advocacy Organizations


Federal Railroad Administration

Illinois Department of Transportation

Indiana Department of Transportation

Iowa Department of Transportation - Passenger Rail Resources

Kansas Department of Transportation

Michigan Department of Transportation

Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Missouri Department of Transportation

U.S. Department of Transportation