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The following was passed unanimously on September 18, 2013:



"Saving the Hoosier State Line"

Author: Micah Matlock

Sponsor(s): Luke Zimmerman, Nicole Ellis

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President Pro Tempore: Micah Matlock

Student Senate President: Meg Highley

Student Body President: Kyle Pendergast

Whereas, Purdue Student Government is committed to supporting and providing student accessibility to and from campus, and

Whereas, many of out-of-state and international students travel to and from O'Hare International Airport and Indianapolis Airport and Purdue's Campus, and

Whereas, the Hoosier State line offers consistent, reliable, frequent opportunities to travel to O'Hare and Midway, and

Whereas, Purdue Student Government ought to support efforts to increase the number of students involved in study abroad and international internships directly related to their field of study, and

Whereas, there has been an increase in the number of global opportunities for students, including tourism and study abroad, and

Whereas, the Hoosier State Line offers Purdue University the opportunity to continue national leadership in bringing students from around the world to study on our campus, and

Whereas, as of 2012, the international student body comprises 21.8% of the total number of enrolled students, and

Whereas, as of 2012, Purdue University ranked 2nd in the Big Ten and 4th in the nation in total international student enrollment, and

Whereas, one of Purdue University's core values is diversity in that we honor the history, traditions and culture of all members of the university community and promote a nurturing environment and we celebrate diversity and the unique contributions of individuals, and

Whereas, yet another one of Purdue University's core values is accessibility in that we believe that every student should have the ability to participate in our programs and that we provide assistance to make our programs and services available to all members of the University, and

Whereas, last year, Amtrak alone put $70 million dollars into the Indiana economy in wages and supply purchases, and

Whereas, Purdue Student Government has been asked by Amtrak to support their funding and their initiatives;

Therefore, be it RECOMMENDED by Purdue Student Government Senate that Purdue University consider supporting the Hoosier State Line's annual allocation of at least $3 million by the Indiana State Department of Transportation prior to October 1st, 2013.

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Student Body President Student Senate President

Saving the Hoosier State Line.

Purpose: To support and defend the funding of the Hoosier State Line by the state of Indiana.

Recommendation: The Indiana State Department of Transportation (INDOT) should continue the funding of the Hoosier State Line.

Problem Addressed: If funding to the Hoosier State Line were to cease, out-of state students, international students and students with limited transportation options at Purdue University would be put at a financial and logistical disadvantage.

Why Addressed: